Posted by: jeanannfrench | July 17, 2009

Hello world!

This is it!  This is my personal blog about my adventure to Australia.  I left on Saturday 7/11 and flew via San Francisco to Sydney to Brisbane arriving on Monday 7/13.

The first REAL adventure was baggage at the Seattle airport.  At the time I booked my flight, I read that the limit was 2 bags each at 50 lbs., however, for a fee of $150AU I could have a third bag or increase the two bags to 70 lbs. each and pay $100AU.  It now appears that I was reading Qantus rules and did not include the US penalty for extra weight.  At check in, I was informed that my charge for overweight baggage was $291/ bag = $582, which of course was not doable.  I bought a large bag for $10 from the porter that was helping me with the luggage and he helped me repack to 3 bags at 50 lbs. each.  I had to eliminate abou 5 lbs. of Jenny Craig food, but it worked out OK because the porter’s mom was on Jenny.  The third bag cost $200 for a grand savings of  $382.  I really could not have gotten by with any less clothes, so I’m good.



  1. Hi Jean Ann Welcome to USQ and Australia.

  2. Just another form of technology, WOW!!! SKYPE, your own BLOG, Skype phone, an international phone and PC, internet…what’s next?!?!?

    Love you!


  3. Your BLOG is awesome, honey. You did a great job on this. I know you weren’t happy with having to do it yourself, but you did it!!! Yes, you are right that YOUR blog will certainly be more accurate than anything I write. When we talk and you have done things, I always make notes, but that doesn’t mean they are complete and totally accurate. COLORFUL?!?!?! Maybeeeeeeeee.

    Love & miss you!


  4. How cool! Have a great experience…

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