Posted by: jeanannfrench | July 19, 2009

Thursday, July 16

I seem to be getting worse at getting to and from USQ.  It was a long drive in this morning.

Once again, I walked into the school and hit the floor running as there was a new student orientation where all of the faculty was introduced and said a few words.  I was the last to speak and ended up sitting through the entire presentation, which was good.  The orientation took up to lunch time.  I was suppose to meet with Geoff today, but he got hung up in Toowamba, the main campus about 1 hour to the west.  I had the rest of the day settling into my space and getting to the support staff, Phyllis and Nancy.  Both are artists, but Phyllis is an Aborigine and will paint my story in the Aborigine style, which is dots of paint.  We will meet next week after work so she can interview me in preparation for the painting.

There was a happy ending to my getting home tonight, although it was wrong again.  This time Nancy steered me wrong, but the happy ending was that I dumbed into a wine store, so now I was prepared to get over my drive home.  I bought 3 Aussie reds and 3 NZ Sauvignon Blanc.

The weather is nice during the day while the sun shines and there is a bit of a breeze with temps hitting around 70 degrees, but once that sun goes down it gets a bit nippy into the 50s.  I have a little blue heater that I move from room to room as I need it.  There is no heating system in this building.  For the summer time there are ceiling fans in every room.  I’m in a brick building with 5 townhouse units – living, dining, kitchen, utility closet with w/d, and a toilet room (because that’s all that’s there, no sink) on the ground floor and 3 bedrooms with a nice shower and sink room and again the toilet room.  There are twin beds in the rooms and each has a computer desk, chair, and night table.  There are no chest of drawers, rather a small little one drawer and one shelf night stand-like unit.


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