Posted by: jeanannfrench | July 19, 2009

Wednesday, July 15

USQ occupies this building, which is leased.

USQ occupies this building, which is leased.

This is my first day on campus and I started it all out with a BANG!  No, not the car, but my eyes.  I got my contact solutions switched around and basically put hydrogen peroxide into my eyes, well, my right eye any way.  When I got to campus, I dropped my things and was off to meet Elias Masango, the First Secretary for the South African High Commission in Canberra.  He was meeting with the Director, Doug Fraiser, to discuss collaberation on education of sustainable business.  At 10:30 I sat in on an induction of new staff where the theme and blueprint of the university’s strategies and direction was laid out.  At 11 AM there was an all staff briefing that included HR issues, changes, emergency procedures, and statistics regarding growth. 

Then there was another lunch, this time it was all faculty and it didn’t happen until 1:30.  It appears that they hold these lunches once per month.  More mix and mingle and off to be briefed by the car pool person about keeping a log, gassing the vehicle, emergency cell phone, etc.  By late afternoon, I just couldn’t stand my eyes anymore, so Debbie drove me to the shopping area near the school and talk to an optomitris who said this happens a lot and that I needed to keep flushing with eye drops, which I had none of, so I purchased some there. 

I finished the day with getting my new ID and password for the USQ Internet connection and getting settled in to my work station on the 5th floor where the Business Dept. is.  I ended up staying late because the car was otherwise occupied, so I had to drive home in the dark, which was NOT good.  However, I did get home, but I had no wine to come home to . . . more later on that subject.


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