Posted by: jeanannfrench | July 23, 2009

Wednesday, July 22

Today was a busy day preparing for teaching two classes on Thursday.  The classes I’m teaching are both about communication – one being Writing for the Professional and the other Communication Strategies, which is a bit more oral/presentation based.  But, nonetheless, there is quite a bit of duplication.  To top it all off, the six students in the first class are the same students in the second class.  It will be interesting trying to be interesting saying the same thing.  Ya think?!

So, while I was busy working away, the Director of the school, Doug Frasier, pops into my office with Madelaine Tiller who is the PR person for USQ based out of Toowoomba, the main campus for USQ.  I gave her and interview for the local media and Doug suggested that she get a picture of me wrestling a kangaroo or something, so we’re going to do a photo shoot at the Toowoomba Zoo on Monday, August 3rd.  I’ll be up there that day to speak to the Zonta Garden Club of Toowoomba.  I will go up on the Friday or Saturday before so i can spend a couple of days in the area as it over a little range of mountains to the west of the Springfield campus.  I tried to find a map to insert, but it really didn’t work out.  Toowoomba is west of Brisbane and you may see the town of Ipswich just outside of Brisbane.  You won’t see the town of Springfield at all.  From where I’m staying in Ipswich, it is just under 30 km to USQ Springfield.

I have the USQ website as a link posted on the bar to the right.  Check out the locations.



  1. Jean Ann –

    greetings from Seattle on a warm summer Saturday night – I imagine you are enjoying a lovely Sunday morning in Ipswich –

    I poured myself a glass of Australian Chardonnay and toasted you as I read your blog –

    Wow, what a lovely adventure – you are my idol and hero – I hope I get to do something like this in my future!

    I have been to Australia 3 times – once in 88 for the World’s Fair in Brisbane, so I totally relate to your stories about how things are so different. Never did get the hang of driving on the other side of the road..I was dangerous!

    Keep writing and I’ll keep reading – I’m vicariously living through you!

    Mary Ellen

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