Posted by: jeanannfrench | July 25, 2009

Saturday, July 25

Not one of my more exciting days, but productive nonetheless.  I had a Jenny Craig appointment this morning at 9:20 and drove right to it.  I had found it the other night in the dark.  The menu and some of the approaches are completely different!  I’ll have so many new foods to try, I may not even notice that I’m ‘on the plan.’  JC was actually started in AU, even though JC is American.  In the early days she was involved with the Gloria Marshall studios.  Those sold, she married an Aussie with the last name Craig, and the rest is history.

Driving was made a little bit more interesting because I was in a Toyota Tarago (sp?) because someone had my little Subaru Impreza checked out for the weekend.  No worries (and that’s a phrase that is used here over and over again).  After Jenny I was off to finish shopping for groceries.  I shop at Woolies, which is Woolsworth, which is a grocery store!  I know, we remember what a Woolsworth was a long time ago in the US.  Woolies is actually an anchor store in the shopping malls, which are a bit bigger and different than a strip mall.  I got a rewards card today and it has the Safeway logo on the back of it!  The world is getting smaller.  While in the mall, I stopped to get my ring cleaned at a jewelry store and they had Aussie charms, so I called Sparky to see which one he wanted.  He has a Kanga with a Joey and I got a boomerang.  I didn’t get this from the locals, rather, my friend in the Philipines:  “Do you know what you call a dead kangaroo on the side of the road?  A was-aroo!”  (Laugh here.)

Now for the really exciting part of my day!!!  I got to do laundry again AND iron some of the clothes that I washed last weekend.  I have to dry them on a drying rack because the little dyer over heats and shuts off.  Ergo, the wrinkles don’t get tumbled out.  Oh yeah, and there is no dishwasher other than myself!  Luckily, I was able to draw upon distant memories, and I mean VERY distant memories, of how to wash dishes and iron clothes.

The antihistamine did finally kick in this morning, but it was a very rough night.  I hope tonight is better because I have to be up and at it in the morning.  Otherwise, a quiet night at home just blogging.



  1. As I said on Facebook, I wish I had pictures of YOU ironing!!! IN 5 1/2 years, you haven’t touched an iron at home. Also, I forgot, pictures of you washing dishes. Maybe you’ll appreciate the dishwasher at home more (lol)…also the clothes dryer!!! Hey, it could be worse – if you were in a tent! Miss you!

    Love, S

  2. Oh yeah, one more thing… in the last 5 1/2 years, other than your Habitat adventures, I think the lowest rated accomodations you have experienced is FOUR STAR!!! (lol again”

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