Posted by: jeanannfrench | July 26, 2009

Sunday, July 26

Today was Zonta day with the Heritage Homes Tour in Ipswich.  Ipswich was actually considered as a possibililty for being the capitol of AU.  They certainly have their fair share of mansions.  There were 130+ on the tour, which is held annually and they don’t repeat the same houses each year so many of the attendees were repeat visitors.  We started out at a school parking lot where we boarded one of two buses.  We did not have the same schedule due to the volume of people.  We toured 5 homes and had lunch at a grand home that has their application in to become a heritage home.  We were served at three locations – morning tea, lunch, and wine.  The weather was impeccable, if not a bit too warm for me, but that’s just me.  The sun seems extra bright here, but I think it is because it’s not behind clouds like it is in WA.  BTW, trapsing through beautiful gardens did nothing to improve my allergy problems, oh well, such is the price of adventure!

Since we’re talking about Zonta, here’s my proposed and pending schedule while here in Queensland:

Club & City Comments Dates
West Moreton – Ipswich Attending fundraiser:  Heritage Homes Tour of Ipswich – stately, historical private residences open their homes for tea and lunch. Saturday, July 26 – 8:30 to 4 PM by bus – $70 AU 
West Moreton – Ipswich  Attending monthly meeting and giving a short presentation about our club.  Monday, July 27
Garden City – Toowoomba Addressing the club with Servant Leadership presentation with an option to attend the board meeting prior to dinner.  I will visit the USQ main campus during the day for a photo shoot, as an article has already been written and needs the picture for publication. Monday, Aug. 3

7 PM Dinner & Prog.

5:30 Board meeting

Brisbane Breakfast Club Presenting Servant Leadership.  Nicky Jones is a doctor of law at USQ & a member of the Breakfast Club, so she will pick me up at a train station near her & escort me to the meeting. Friday, Aug. 7 – 7 AM Program at the Brisbane Polo Club in the center of the city 
Pine Rivers – Arana Hills, N. Brisbane  This would a presentation to several boards on Servant Leadership Pending August 28 or 29
Cairns Would coordinate this with visiting an indigenous school and of course the Great Barrier Reef. Pending 2nd or 3rd weekend of August 

There were five other clubs that requested, but scheduling didn’t work or more often the distance was too great.

I expect to have the opportunity of deliverying the Servant Leadership workshop for USQ’s SIFE Team (Students in Free Enterprise).  CityU has the same program and these teams are all volunteer and put together community programs.  They compete against other schools for performance and creativity.



  1. The American Zonta tornado has landed!!! Good going, honey!

    • Hey, being raised in Oklahoma – Jean Ann has the “tornado” lifestyle down pat!!!

  2. I am so glad you are finding the time to blog. I am really enjoying seeing this part of the world through your eyes. – I’m especially excited for you – experiencing all of this. You go girl!!! love ya.

  3. You are amazing and I am loving the blog! I tell you, Zonta has opened up doors for all of us and made the world a smaller place. I have never been to Australia, so I love seeing it through your sparkling eyes and great humor. Keep it up and good luck with the “housework”! If there is anything I can do for you “up here”, let me kno (except housework).

  4. […] Here’s the link from the 2009 blog for the event: […]

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