Posted by: jeanannfrench | July 27, 2009

Monday, July 27

I have been here two weeks today.  It seems longer.  Everyone here has made me feel so welcomed.  I know Sparky thinks I’m here for forever, but I have only a few weekends left that are not scheduled at this time.  You saw my Zonta schedule that I posted yesterday.  I have guests every weekend in September.  Kylene is here 9/2-6 on her way to NZ for a Habitat build.  I fly to Sydney probably on Friday the 11th because Sparky gets in on Saturday the 12th at early dark 6 AM.  From what I’m hearing, I’ll take a train in to pick him up and take him back to our hotel.  We’re staying in the Sydney area and he leaves on Saturday 9/19 in the afternoon.  My mother arrives at the same dark early thirty on Sunday 9/20.  She and I will spend a couple more days in Sydney so she can say she saw Sydney, and then I want to run off to Melbourne for at least 4-5 days.  Mother will return to Brisbane with me and stay until 10/5.

The Business Dean at tea.

The Business Dean at tea.

Today was busy at school with a morning tea for the Dean of the Business College who popped down from Toowoomba.  I gave him a CityU pen and had a photo opp.  I had a most fascinating conversation with a lecturer that is not teaching this semester because he is writing about leadership.  We started talking about my plans for creating leadership training packages and he has contacts like crazy . . . any way, we’re going to have lunch to finish some of the brain storming.

USQ has their own radio and TV studio, so it looks like I’ll record for broadcast on some local stations.  Along that same vein, the associate dean, Marie Kavanagh wants to get me out for speaking engagements at local schools under the guise of my leadership/team building presentation to recruit students for USQ.  I will also present my volunteer management program in a workshop structure for SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise).  I have the booklets ready to go.

I spent the better part of the afternoon getting a prescription for allergy medication.  Something has to give here!

Tonight was a Zonta meeting with the West Morten Club that I toured with yesterday.  They brought in 4 new members.  We set a date for my full presentation at next month’s meeting – August 27.  The multiple board workshop is tentatively scheduled for the last weekend of August.

4 new members have the roses - far right is President Alison McGrath

4 new members have the roses - far right is President Alison McGrath & far left was our hostess at the Edington house with wine.

It’s still going good!  And thanks for checking in on my blog.



  1. “Forever”?!? No, but it certainly seems like it. Two weeks down and 14 more to go. I can look at the positive side – it’s 5 1/2 weeks until I fly to Sydney to meet Jean Ann.

    I really AM happy she is having such a great time and wonderful experience.

    Love, S

  2. Me Im lucky to go in 4 weeks. It is a rare and wonderful experience and I am envious, living thru her blog which is quite good.

  3. Looking forward to seeing you in Sept. It’sgreat reading your blog. Love you, Mom

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