Posted by: jeanannfrench | July 28, 2009

Tuesday, July 28

It’s a MIRACLE!  The prescription drugs worked for my allergies.  I slept well and had a much better day.

My big accomplishment for the morning was to get my international phone unlocked so I can use a sim card for a local number.  Then I spent the afternoon printing off maps for getting to Toowoomba on Saturday.  I’ll return to campus in Springfield on Tuesday morning.  Toowoomba is where the USQ main campus is and the town is on a range of mountains.  I’m speaking to the Zonta Garden Club on Monday night and Toowoomba is known for their beautiful gardens.  There are some wineries in the area as well.  I had to plan my weekend trip today because I prep for class tomorrow, teach on Thursday, and Friday is filled with events around a sustainable conference and Australia’s premier male C/W singer is speaking at the conference and then performing on Friday evening at the fairgrounds.  I brought my cowboy boots and Jackaroo leather black cowboy hat that I bought in NZ.  I’m ready!

I may not have mentioned that Springfield is in the foot hills of the range.  Ipswich isn’t exactly San Francisco, but some steep hills nonetheless.  That’s enough for today, as there will be more in the next few days.



  1. You took cowboy boots and western leather hat? I’m shocked (lol)!!! Have fun, honey.



  2. Hi Jean Ann:

    I really enjoy reading about your activities while downunder. I wanted to remind you that Linda carle’s brother lives there as I mentioned when we spoke on Skype. You can check his site out at WWW, as that is the name of his place that was awarded the best backyard in Australia in 2008. Have fun and stay well.

    Your friends,
    Rick & Shirley

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