Posted by: jeanannfrench | July 29, 2009

Wednesday, July 29

Today was prepare for classes on Thursday day.  I’m prepared.  There was a quarterly Business Faculty meeting which was teleconferenced with Toowoomba.  A couple of house keeping details were resolved; 1) the school is purchasing a cell phone to be used by visiting professors 2) USQ is picking up the tab on my stay in Toowoomba this weekend.  The car situation has been tight with my using the Subaru, so Springfield is in the process of getting another car.

I spent about an hour visiting with Debbie, the director’s assistant.  She is watching for opportunities for me to meet and greet and has some cocktail and dinner parties arranged in the future.

I expect to build 3 albums from the trip: 1)Zonta events, 2) CityU / USQ related items, and 3) personal travels.



  1. You forgot to tell me that USQ was going to pay for your room in Toowoomba. That’s great! I think it’s interesting that USQ is wanting to use the “celebrity US Professor” to further THEIR causes. GO FOR IT!!!



  2. I finally made time to read your blog. Way to go, mastering yet another technology. I just knew you were the right person to send on this assignment. Thanks for being such an incredible role model for all of our students about being a global citizen and networking, networking, networking. Keep up the fantastic work.


  3. That will take you awhile!

    • glad Corrine is so impressed with you as well,,,keep up the fantastic work…this is your chance to shine

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