Posted by: jeanannfrench | July 31, 2009

Friday, July 31

A second big day for USQ Springfield as they hosted another 350 students for the second day of the Sustainable Business educational forums.  We were so privileged to host Michael Lutomski, Risk manager at NASA for the International Space Station Program.  Michael had a great program with terrific slides and he really inspired the students.  Another ‘Sustainable’ speaker was Prof. Tor with his “Keep Australia Beautiful” he was really on the kids level with the slides and his animated delivery.  And for just a few moments, Lee Kernaghan stopped by to help distribute some prizes to the kids.  Lee is to AU country/western music as Garth Brooks is to the US.

Here are some shots of the students.  Most of the schools have uniforms, which I think is a good thing.  There was a contest to create the perfect recycle machine / critter.

There was a cocktail party at the fairgrounds where exhibitors had been on display for the last two days.  Lots of speaches and dignitaries, but the most important thing was a performance by Lee Kernaghan.  Read more about Lee at: I have better pictures coming, but this will do for now:

He was leaving the exhibit hall when I caught him.

He was leaving the exhibit hall when I caught him.


2008 Australian of the Year, Toyota Ambassador and Australian country music star Lee Kernaghan, is swapping his guitar for a shovel to help support Toyota’s involvement in Planet Ark’s National Tree Day.

Through his role as a National Tree Day Ambassador, Lee is encouraging people to participate in tree-planting activities, and revving up Toyota’s National Dealer Network who help make this community environmental initiative the success that it is.

Lee’s association with Toyota and National Tree Day has seen him travel Australia extensively visiting many schools and tree planting sites.

I think we make a cute couple with all that black hat and denim thing going on.

I think we make a cute couple with all that black hat and denim thing going on.



  1. Good blog, honey. And the pictures are great!!!



  2. What did I say previously? The American tornado has hit ground in Australia (lol). The poor Aussies didn’t have ANY idea of what would hit them!!! I doubt they’ve ever experience someone like Jean Ann!!!

    Now, to move on to the main campus on Sunday!!!



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