Posted by: jeanannfrench | August 1, 2009

Saturday, August 1

Amazing, I still have 3 months left!  Today was another one of those ‘housework’ Saturdays, which includes laundry, grocery shopping, taking out the trash, and cleaning the kitchen.  I know you all don’t believe me about the housework, so I took some pics to prove it and a few of the townhouse just ’cause.

I took the opportunity of another beautiful day in Queensland to stop at the huge cemetary that is no more than a block from where I live.  I know Sparky thinks I’m weird, but the history and stories that are told on the tomb stones just amaze me.  I saw dates as far back as 1830, now that’s amazing.



  1. Old cemetaries can be fun to walk through. There is a fascinating one in Auckland that Í discovered by chance.
    Now you know why I like to hit Brisbane between May to Nov.

  2. YES! Everywhere we travel, Jean Ann goes out of her way to find cemetaries and laundry hanging out of buildings! I think the most precious picture on THIS blog is the picture of Jean Ann ironing. Absorb it everyone, you will NOT see it again – certainly NOT at home (lol)!!!


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