Posted by: jeanannfrench | August 7, 2009

Tuesday, August 4

I didn’t get out of Toowoomba until 10 AM, so that meant getting into USQ Springfield at noon.  I had a 1 PM meeting with a lady in Career Counseling for the students.  Long story short, I gave her some marketing strategies for reaching out to local employers.  AND, probably recruited her for Zonta West Morten, the club in Ipswich.

Oh yeah, I remember what was memorable about his day!!!  I hadn’t been home for a couple of days so I was feeling ‘entitled’ to luxury . . . a BIG Dad’s pie.  In the US, we call them ‘potpies’.  You know the English have their pies and pasties, well, they’re the ones that settled AU.  I had a steak and onion pie that was to die for.  The worst of it is that this shop is just one block from where I live AND on my way home.



  1. Restraint, honey, restraint!!! (lol) It’s not on Jenny Craig!!!



  2. Honestly, haven’t been keeping up. But, caught up today!!! The pictures are great. Nothing tells a story like a picture. Rachel’s favorite food while in AU were the pies! We have tried to duplicate a few times. She just loved the individuals!

    Hope you are enjoying yourself! Sounds like you are busy enough!!!!!

    Love, Mary

    • The pies are good! Thanks for checking in. I know you’re busy with your expanded family.

      Love you too – Jean Ann

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