Posted by: jeanannfrench | August 9, 2009

Thursday, August 6

Just another day of teaching classes.  I did get a report from CityU that 5 of the 6 students are enrolled in the dual degree program.  I’m shaking up the class time a bit with more participatory activities and not so much lecture.

I left school ASAP so I could find the train station in Ipswich for my early morning ride to Indooroopilly (how’s that for a mouthful) where a law professor will pick me up and take me in to Brisbane for the Zonta Breakfast Club meeting.  The plan was for me to leave out of Ipswich Central, so I drove to the center of town, parked, and asked questions about parking in the early morning – WRONG answer.  It was drive under the overpass, park a block away, and walk up a hill – at 5:30 AM, I don’t think so!  Then the executive decision was made that I would leave out of Ipswich East because of better parking – also, getting there was much easier from where I live.  I rushed over to Ipswich East, so I could find it before dark and I had already burned an hour of daylight.  I found the station with no problems, however, it was unsupervised, so I asked some nice young men about how to use the ticketing machine, schedule, protocol, etc.  Now, I was set!



  1. The hat lady is in Australia!!! I’ll bet you were the only one wearing a hat, too (lol).



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