Posted by: jeanannfrench | August 10, 2009

Monday, August 10

With my Skype I have some kind of funky YouCam that offers fun things to put on the screen.  Sparky snapped a pic with the big schmooch.

With my Skype I have some kind of funky YouCam that offers fun things to put on the screen. Sparky snapped a pic with the big schmooch.

I’ve really enjoyed having Skype.  I talk to Sparky about twice a day and my mom and Karla at least once per week.  I have even called a couple of girlfriends and spent an hour on the phone with a Zontian in Everett about committee/event issues.

I’m not sure what got into me today, but I was kicking butt and taking names!  Surely it wasn’t because I was at work at 7:50 AM?  I met with three different people to discuss my getting out to the community to represent USQ and ultimately to promote the BASB (dual degree with CityU) program.  I only have 12 weeks remaining and I see it all going by very quickly.  I got a cell phone today to use while I’m here and my dual business cards are in their final stage of approval.  I’ve reorganized my ProfessorFrench blog site.  I don’t expect the people reading this site would be interested in the academic issues of the other.  I created it to serve as a record of my visit.

I put about 4 new events on my calendar today, but I’ll tell about them when they happen, suffice to say that I’m staying BUSY and out of trouble.

I have been watching a little TV and you may find it interesting that I get my Two and a Half Men fix every week day evening at 7 and 7:30.  On Sunday night they have an AU Dancing with the Stars.  There are several shows that are the US’s reruns, but there are also some shows that are quite similar, but yet AU’s – like Bones with a woman as the central character and Kath and Kit, but totally different actresses.  Oh yeah, and the wildest one . . . instead of the Bachelor or Bachelorette, Aussies have “The Farmer Wants a Wife” – seriously!  They have about 6 farmers each entertaining about 5 or 6 women each and they have now narrowed down to 3 each to take to their farms for a visit.

Not much more to offer and I have to go in early again tomorrow, so good night and good luck.



  1. Good job, honey. I HOPE you are staying out of trouble (lol)!!!

    The Skype has been a blessing. I think I would be very lost without it.



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