Posted by: jeanannfrench | August 12, 2009

Wednesday, August 12

Wednesday is usually my prep day for classes, but that didn’t happen because some construction workers cut the fiber optic lines that keep the Internet alive on campus.  I ended up spending the day networking.  I had tea on third floor with student services – the career counseling lady had invited me.  I’d have to say we spent tea time talking about US and AU oddities; i.e. pumpkin is a very popular vegetable here and when I explained pumpkin pie and that we buy the pumpkin in a can, they were howling – pumpkin in a can – what’s so weird about that?  Then there was the great Vegemite debate – what is it, where did it come from, and why do people eat it?  When I quoted a current Vegemite commercial “You can’t make it better, but you can make it different.”  (There is a new more spreadable version and there is a contest for the public to name this new version.)  Once again, the tea party was laughing at me.  I told them I’ve known about Vegemite for a long time because I saw it in Germany in the late ’80’s and a couple of them thought it was purely AU.

Next group meeting of the day was a staff lunch meeting for the business department.  Nothing huge going on there, but I was recognized and welcomed, as was Dr. Cole.



  1. Good, honey. Excellent. Hopefully you will get strong enough internet signal to post pictures, too.



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