Posted by: jeanannfrench | August 17, 2009

Monday, August 17

WOW!  Tea was so much more than I expected, as I was invited to lunch as well.  At tea, regular faculty attended, but lunch was limited to the council and deans with a chancellor and vice chancellor for good measure.  We were hosted by Maha Sinnathamby the fourth wealthiest man in Queensland with a fortune of $732M.  Maha is truly a visionary.  He started his fortune by buying homes, improving them, and then cashing them in for a profit.  He picked up the land where this planned community of Springfield is, and is going to be, for a song. He started with Education City and a shopping center that will expand to a financial district, hospital, and residential area.  Maha, Springfield Land Co., owns the building that USQ occupies.  The plan is for USQ to buy the building and build a second one, as well.  Maha hosted us at the Brookside Golf and Country Club, which he owns and was designed by Greg Norman (famous Aussie golf pro).  Debbie, director’s assistant, let me know that my attending this high level of a meeting was a one time only deal because I am the first lecturer from the US.

I spent the afternoon making flight and hotel reservations for this weekend in Cairns.  I’ll take the red-eye out on Thursday night and return on Monday in plenty of time to deliver a presentation to the Zonta Ipswich Club at 6 PM.



  1. Excellent, honey!!!



  2. I reread this posting. Your invitation was awesome, honey!



  3. Id like to meet Maha! Annie says I will meet someone in Australia that will make me question everything Im doing,,,,does she say that to everyone?
    Envious of your trip to the Reef but we will have fun

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