Posted by: jeanannfrench | August 17, 2009

Sunday, August 16

Another quiet day, which is good because this is the calm before the storm.  I was on the phone (my local cell phone that was issued by USQ for visiting academics) this morning with Lorraine from Pine Lakes Zonta Club.  I was to hold a workshop for multiple boards, but it didn’t make, so we have rescheduled for October 10.  Now that this weekend (8/20-21) has opened up, I’m taking the opportunity to run up to Cairns at the Great Barrier Reef.  I heard on the radio (C/W no less) that there is an Aboriginal festival this weekend with dance, art, and crafts. 

After this next weekend, there is the Carbon Conference (27-28) and then I’m off to the races – horse races that is in Toowoomba (29).  It sounds like their version of the Kentucky Derby with hats and everything.  After the last weekend in August, I will have company and/or be traveling every weekend in September, plus the first one in October.  Amazing . . .

So, back to quiet Sunday.  I went for another walk in the other direction today, so here are some pictures:

Note:  If you haven’t already figured it out, you can click on a picture for a larger view.  After viewing, click the ‘back’ button to go back to the blog because closing the picture closes the blog.



  1. Good job (again!!!)…



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