Posted by: jeanannfrench | August 22, 2009

Saturday, August 22

I think that most of you know that vacationing is harder than working, right?  I was up at 5:50 this morning because I had a 6:50 pickup.  Today was horseback riding day.  I chose an option that let me ride on the beach AND in the rainforest.  I was at Wonga Beach and Daintree Rainforest (, 25 minutes outside of Port Douglas.  See for details.  Oh yeah, I had to travel by shuttle for an hour north of Cairns first.  The ride was 2 ½ hours with 6 of us riding, while 2 Russians went on an exclusive/private ride.  Our guide was Andrea and she had been a riding instructor in Scotland, from where she originates.  I did OK, we trotted some and my horse, Skooter, was about as stubborn as me.  Skooter also holds the record for pooping and peeing the most during the trail rides.  Her claim to fame.

I got into Port Douglas about 30 minutes before the shuttle back to Cairns, so I had time to shop a bit and take a few pictures.  I found 2 golf shirts for Sparky and a Great Barrier Reef magnet.  A quiet ride back to the hotel, but I was in full gear once I hit the room.  I needed to make reservations for the reef on Sunday and the outfit I wanted to go with was full up, so I had to do some more research.  I had chatted it up with the shuttle driver for recommendations.  There seems to be two schools of thought – going out of Cairns or out of Port Douglas AND are you really going out to THE big reef or settling for lesser reef . . .  Well, it’s going out of Cairns that is the lesser reef, so now I’m trekking back up to Port Douglas tomorrow to go out with a BIG outfit that has its own platform out on the reef along with a glass bottom boat and submergible.  They offer diving and snorkeling as well.  It’s pricy, but this may be my only chance, so I’m doing it right.  I may never pass this way again.

I was distracted with making the reservations and almost forgot to get out to the Festival ( ).  I promise I walked for a kilometer down the esplanade to get to the promenade where all the activity was.  They had a performance stage for music and native dancing, which included any country that wanted to bring their students out – many Asians.  There is a regular market every Saturday with arts and crafts, but during festival the food booths come out.  This reminds me a lot of Folk Life Festival.  I was out from 3:30 to 7 PM and then I’d had enough.  I was telling Sparky that both days I would be in the room at the end of the day thinking we were having earthquake tremors.  It’s just me still feeling the moving sensation from all the various forms of transportation.  I expect more of the same tomorrow times 2!  I’ll be in a vehicle or on a boat from 8:30 AM to 6 PM.



  1. Great blog and pictures, maybe your best one yet! Good job, honey! Good job! OK, I’m “over” the new hat (lol)!!!



  2. […] or less 2 years ago I was in Cairns at a totally fun festival and have uploaded a video of Tares Strait Islanders dancing at the fest I took to Facebook, as I […]

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