Posted by: jeanannfrench | August 24, 2009

Monday, August 24

The ugly side of travel was a reality today.  Up at 6 AM, checkout, breakfast, get a cab, get to the airport, deal with plane delay, pickup baggage, catch a train, change trains, get picked up at train station, go to Uni to pickup car, get home to change clothes around 5:30 for Zonta presentation at 6.  I don’t think it requires additional explanation to say that I had a LONG day.  Back to reality tomorrow.

My oh my, did I walk into a heat wave when I landed today at 38 C, which is 100 F.  I don’t think it was quite that hot.  Here’s the formula for converting:     C=5/9 (F-32)        F=(9/5C) +32

I spoke at the West Morton Zonta Club in Ipswich this evening, presenting the Servant Leadership slides.  They are celebrating 30 years in September.  I won’t be able to attend their tea, as Kylene and I will be on the run.  This is the club that held the Heritage Homes of Ipswich fundraiser.  I should be able to attend their October meeting which is my last week in AU.



  1. I think you meant 6am.



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