Posted by: jeanannfrench | August 27, 2009

Thursday, August 27


Today was the Australian National Carbon Conference: Understanding policy, seeking sustainable solutions. The Australian National Carbon Conference provides the opportunity to understand the related policy issues, financing implications and technologies which are emerging to provide low-carbon energy alternatives.

This conference has been in the making since about 2002.  There were government officials, corporations, and universities represented.  I can’t say I understood it all, but I can say that I took the opportunity to schmooz.  I connected my students with the Baker Group for potential internships.  We had tea, lunch, tea, and cocktails.



  1. Hi Jean Ann,

    I can’t believe how busy you are!!! Man, you’re like Wonder Woman. You are having the experience of a lifetime and it sounds like you’re making the most of every minute. I’m living vicariously through your blog. I’ve always wanted to go to Australia and now with the kids, who knows when I’ll ever get to go – besides maybe in retirement. I love seeing all of your pictures too!


  2. Great blog, honey!!! Chuck Roxin said over lunch today you were an absolute GREAT “smoozer”…and you even say so on this blog (lol)1!!



  3. When you have lunch with Neville Smith ash him if they use or are planning to use geothermal heating and cooling in any of there Spingfield Land Corporation projects. That is what Garen Ewbank does.(The person I keep books for) He goes to the UK Canada China and all over the US to teach and show them how to test and reads test results. Geothermal is sustainable energy.

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