Posted by: jeanannfrench | August 30, 2009

Saturday, August 29

I did very little this morning, knowing that I have a full day of housework ahead of me tomorrow.  I had a date for the races, Lynette Faragher from South Africa.  She’s fairly new to USQ and her husband is a hockey coach so he was unable to attend.  She came by my place at 1:30 and we were ‘off to the races’, so to speak.  Lynette talks as much or more than me and she has a very interesting background.  In other words, the drive to Toowoomba went by quickly (1hr 15min.).  At the raceway, our Marquee was a huge white tent that was set up as a fundraiser for the Art Dept. of USQ and was hosted by Bobbie Brazil, Chancellor of USQ.

They had a little bit of an auction both silent and live.  Mostly art and sports memorabilia.  There was a fashion show of their theatre production costumes.  There were only 6 races and dinner was served around 5:30ish (beef or chicken).

I met a very important  (rich) woman who was introduced to me by Bobbie.  She offered me a tour of her factory that makes carbon fiber bridges, towers, cross arms, etc.  They ship their bridges to the US and many other countries.  She is a Zontian, as well.  We had quite a lengthy discussion and I may take my students to the factory for a field trip.  Carbon fiber is 10 times lighter than steel and 7 times stronger.  They extrude the carbon fibers and imbed them into resin.  It sounds sustainble to me!

We were at table number 3 – just 2 away from Bobbie’s table number 1.  It was really quite an event and all of the hats and outfits were fun to watch.  I didn’t bet on the races. I’ll let the pictures and their captions tell the rest of the story.



  1. Great pictures on a great adventure!!! I’m very, very proud of you!



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