Posted by: jeanannfrench | September 1, 2009

Tuesday, September 1

Quiet day, but a good day.  I had lunch with Neville Smith who is the master mind behind Education City, which is a complex of multiple schools, housing, and shopping.  Here’s a link to show the layout: 

Nev is a long time educator that now has a consulting company that puts together ‘deals.’  A few years ago, he was given $41M-AU to create a complex of educational institutions.  Education City includes a childcare facility, primary, junior high, senior high, TAFE (vocational education), and USQ.  USQ will grow to a second building.  I ask Nev which came first, his money for education or Maha’s land for a master development.  He said that Maha had the land, is an engineer by training, so he needed Nev to complete the education centers.  Nev is currently in conversation with some people in India who want to bring in a ‘technical/computer institute’ that is certified in MS,

Nev & I attended the AU Sustainable Business Conference cocktail party 8/27.

Nev & I attended the AU Sustainable Business Conference cocktail party 8/27.

Oracle, etc.  He’s also interested creating an International school, so Zonta ladies, you can be sure that I mentioned Lester B. Pearson.  The lady that I traveled with on race day, Lynette, had a child that attended Lester B. Pearson on Vancouver Island.  When she mentioned it, she nearly fell over when I actually knew the college!  The connections that I have made here are phenomenable.

I mentioned a few TV shows, but I’m going to mention a few more.  They have Australian Idol and Do You Want to be a Millionairre with some slightly different rules.  I also can see reruns of CSI Miami, Without a Trace, Criminal Minds, and previously mentioned, Two and a Half Men and Dancing with the Stars, AU.  Oh yeah, they have their own version of Apprentice coming soon, but there’s no Donald Trump.  There is this totally weird show about “Embarassing Medical Problems”.  Last night they were looking at men’s “willies” – Aussie code for penises!  One guy had an inflamed piercing and they did a prostate exam on another guy – all parts showing!  I knew you needed to know that!



  1. This blog is GREAT, honey. Gives a real inside view of Aussie life and that their TV broadcast ethics are NOT as strict as in the U.S. Good job!!!



  2. I agree with Sparky………they are far more mature about sensitive subjects than American audiences. And that’s great…………but I think I will pass on a close of an inflamed piercing!

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