Posted by: jeanannfrench | September 5, 2009

Friday, September 4

Up and at ’em and running with Kylene in Brisbane!  Kylene had already seen Brisbane by bus, foot, and boat, plus held koalas and petted kangaroos.  So, we decided to head out of town.  We went southe to Byron Bay, which is a funky little town with beaches and fun shops.  It was made popular by the hippies 40 years ago and now the old hippies own some great properties as summer homes.  We took a transfer shuttle down (2 hrs. by shuttle) and had from 10 AM to 4 PM to run loose and run wild.  One of the main attractions is the lighthouse on the hill, which is the furthest east point of AU.  The weather was a little sketchy with some rain and a quite of bit of wind.  Luckily, we were dressed in ‘wash ‘n wear’ clothing.  We walked around the point, up and down inclines, and stairs.  The sun came out and it got a bit muggy.  We stopped for lunch at the Beach Cafe and had some great fun food.  We knew the cafe closed at 2 PM for a private function and we saw flowers being taken down to the beach for a wedding.

We were finished with walking on the beach, so we headed into town to hit the shops.  We found an incredible sale on silk clothing.  There were blouses and skirts that sold for $100 and everything in the store was was marked to $25.  Kylene made out like a champ.  We picked up some of our standard tourist items and finished off the afternoon with a coffee at The Balcony – funky restaurant with a peek-a-boo view of the coast.

Back in Brisbane, we had decisions to make . . . where to eat and where to go tomorrow.  We didn’t get back until after 6 PM, so we had a hard time contacting tours to make a reservation for Saturday, so off to dinner on the water front.  We settled on a restaurant where we could have kangaroo.  Our cute waiter called it ‘Skippy’, which was a cartoon character several decades ago.  He recommended nothing doner than medium, so we went with medium rare, the same way we eat our steaks.  Kylene was feeling a little funky . . . she said, “I was petting Skippy yesterday and now I’m eating him today.”  We liked it – similar to venison or buffalo – very lean and just a bit sweeter than beef.  We also had a sand crab salad that was delicious.  Our feet were tired from walking all day, so back to the room and off to bed because we had to get up at 6:30 AM to find out which tour we were getting. 



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