Posted by: jeanannfrench | September 6, 2009

Saturday, September 5

Again, we rise and shine early to confirm a tour.  We didn’t get our first choice, but we think it worked out for the best, as things usually do.  We wanted to go to Mt. Tamborine for the wineries, a bush walk, and a sky bridge, but all tours were full.  We ended up going to the Gold Coast, which included Surfer’s Paradise, a river cruise of the rich and famous, Callungatta (the dividing line beetween Queensland and New South Wales), and a natural bridge in Springbrook National Forest.

It seemed as though we did a LOT of driving, but after all of the walking from yesterday, it was a welcomed relief.  It was our driver, Mitch, that made the entire trip so enjoyable.  He never stopped talking, but he had a nice voice and told great stories and facts. We had 45 minutes in Surfer’s Paradise and took the time to hit the grocery store so Kylene could get some Vegemite and I talked her into some Chicken Salt.  The Chicken Salt is used on french fries and is quite good.

We then took the cruise on the Nerang River and the pictures below tell the story.  Again, we had a great narrator / tour guide on the boat.

We drove to the ‘divide’ between QLD and NSW and then stopped at a food court to get whatever we wanted.  Kylene and I had our picnic in park with the birds and on the waters edge.

Our final long drive was out to a rainforest where we saw some great trees and rocks.  My favorite tree is the ‘strangling fig’ that takes over another tree and strangles it to death and the host tree dies and rots out leaving a very interesting design from the strangling fig tree.  I’ll try to post a picture, but the camera really doesn’t do it justice.

We got into town around 6ish and were up for walking so we headed off to the river.  We crossed the river on a ferry and walked over to the ferris wheel.  We ate at a casual restaurant and the only strange thing we ate was octopus.  We couldn’t find any croc.  On Thursday night we had Moreton Bay Bugs, which is equal to the following: Logistino, crayfish, craw-dads, mud bugs, etc.  A great day all-in-all.



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