Posted by: jeanannfrench | September 6, 2009

Sunday, September 6

I’m training back to Ipswich from Brisbane today.

I spent a few hours in the room this morning loading pictures, assuming that I wouldn’t have loading capabilities when I got home . . . I was right.  So now I’m catching up on text.

I’m watching AU Idol, they’re starting the equal to “So you think you can dance”, and I’ve seen a show that is the funniest videos thing.  Did I mention that they have their own “60 Minutes?”  AU also has Extreme Makeovers, a “Chef” competition, the Deputy Prime Minister is currently appearing on “So you think you’re smarter than a fifth grader”, and a show about married couples competing for a top prize.  They’ve had a “biggest losers” show, but now they’re creating one for fat people to “Dance Your Ass Off”.  One would think that they are copying us, but the US copies England, so there you have that.

Today is Father’s day here and they were celebrating Legacy Week (war veterans) this last week.

This week is going to be crazy busy with packing a suit case to send home with Sparky, closing out CityU classes, closing out mid-term for the USQ students, creating the travel plans for Sparky and Mom, and cleaning the house for when Mom and I come here on 9/27.



  1. Excellent blogs, honey. Counting down the days!



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