Posted by: jeanannfrench | September 12, 2009

Friday, September 11

Finally, the BIG day that I head out for Sydney.  Geoff Slaughter picked me up in Ipswich for the trek into Brisbane to catch my 12:10 flight.  Or so I thought . . . I got a call while we were enroute and basically, I got bumped.  I figured that other people had more urgent business and Sparky didn’t come in until Saturday, so I could sit in the airport a while.  For my graciously accepting a later flight from Qantas, I received a voucher (I know, you’re thinking for another flight, but NO) for $15 to spend in the food court!  Whatever  . . .

I got to the hotel in Sydney around 5:30 pm and got a bit frustrated when I saw our view of a brick wall from the first floor.  Since I’m here for 12 days, I let the staff know I needed something better, so we’ll be moved on Sunday to the 6th floor and a larger room.  We’re in a good location and in a Best Western 4 star.

Sparky and I were on the phone while we both were in airports waiting – he at LAX and I in Brisbane.  The anticipation was building . . .


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