Posted by: jeanannfrench | September 12, 2009

Monday, September 7

Back to reality.  Caught up on emails, had lunch for b’day with friends, and ran errands after work.  We had a lovely thunder storm and rain in the evening, which dropped the temperatures.

I have given the Aussie accent some thought and have come up with some phonetics.  We were taught our vowel sounds in this manner in the US:

a – long a, as in make

e – long e, as in tree

i – long i, as in like

o – long o, as in oh!

u – long u, as in unit

When in Germany, I took conversational German and learned the sound of their vowels:

a – sounds like ah

e – sounds like a long a, as in make

i – sounds like a long e, as in tree

o – sounds like oh, but more nasal, perhaps a little French like

u – as in oops

Now, here’s what the Aussie vowels sound like to me:

a – a nasal ‘sky”

e – sounds like the end of ‘ski’ (a high nasal ee)

i –   the oy in boy

o – again, with the French nasal ‘oh’ tone

u – like yew with a slight upward inflection

Let’s just say I sound rather Aussie when I run through their vowel sounds, as they sound to me.


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