Posted by: jeanannfrench | September 12, 2009

Tuesday & Wednesday, September 8 & 9

These two days were a blur and seemed quite similar.  Both days were filled with 2 reports each from CityU MBA565 students reporting on their practicums via Skype.

There was a faculty tea on Tuesday morning.

Otherwise my evenings were composed of packing winter clothes, washing clothes, vacuuming, mopping, doing dishes, other household chores, and cursing the Internet connection that wasn’t really there.  And then there was the beautification process of getting ready to see my husband after 9 long weeks.  Unfortunately, I was unable to drop 20 lbs. in that last week, so back to the drawing board on that account.

And don’t forget all of the phone calls coordinating travel plans with Les Pearson in Sydney (Habitat friend since 2003) and Troy Martin Kemp (met he and his wife in Fiji 2006 on the Captain Cook cruise when we married) in Newcastle – 2 hours north of Sydney.  Troy is an up and coming C/W band and here’s his website:


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