Posted by: jeanannfrench | September 13, 2009

Sunday, September 13


This is Sparky on Jean Ann’s blog.  Today (Sunday) was very, very busy.  We began by going to Paddy’s Market.  It is very much like my client, The Fantastic Indoor SwapMeet in Las Vegas – hundreds of individual stalls selling just about anything and everything.  We packed our bag with goodies.  Paddy’s is open only Thursday-Sunday each week.

From Paddy’s we walked about 1/2 mile to Darling Harbor – what a busy place on a beautiful Sunday.  On our way to the harbor, we stopped at a Chinese Gardens that Jean Ann visited for about 30 minutes.  Lots of harbor side restaurants, a canopy tent of dancers and entertainment.  We met Jean Ann’s friend, Les, there for lunch.  Great ambiance!

From Darling Harbor we went to Watson Bay.  We dropped Jean Ann off to walk up the cliff while Les and I drove around the area (several times!) waiting for Jean Ann.  There was no place for us to park, so we had to keep driving.  I tried to call Jean Ann but she didn’t take her cell with her – almost had to send out search and rescue, then I spotted her way, way up high on a peak.  She was wearing all turquoise, so it was easy to spot her even from quite a distance!!!

From Darling Harbor, we went to Bondi (bon-die) Beach.  Wow, I think half of Sydney was there…thousands upon thousands of people.   They also had a kite flying contest going on…kites of just about every color, size and shape.  It was very spectacular.

After we left Bondi Beach, we drove past a cemetary – one of Jean Ann’s favorite things to visit.  They found a gravestone of a famous Australian singer that Les actually knew. 

We came back to the hotel about 3:30pm.  We were both pooped.  I took a long nap while Jean Ann was posting pictures, doing E-mail, etc.  We decided not to go far for dinner, so we walked a block to a Thai restaurant.  We came back after dinner and watched “Australian Idol” on TV!  Obviously produced by Simon Cowell – the same format, logo & music with Aussie judges.


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