Posted by: jeanannfrench | September 15, 2009

Tuesday, September 15

Hi, Sparky again on Jean Ann’s blog.  Today, we took the Sydney Explorer bus and toured this beautiful city, making several stops.  Our first stop was Woolloomooloo Bay (THAT is a mouthful by itself!!!).  The big attraction here is “Harry’s Cafe de Wheels – pie stand to the stars”.  It’s a small walkup cafe that supposedly makes the best “pies” in Australia.  Aussie “pies” are usually meat with gravy and onions, mushrooms, etc.  Harry’s special pie has mashed potatos & mashed green peas on top of the pie with gravy over the whole lot.  I thought they were actually very, very good.

Our very next stop was a park with Mrs. Macquanie’s Chair – beautiful views of the harbor, the Sydney Opera House.  Mrs. Macqarie’s was the wife of a governor and this was her favorite place to sit and look out at the water.  Some say she was lonely for England and that’s why she sat and starred out to the horizon.  Jean Ann took a couple of fun pictures of me holding up the Harbor Bridge and touching  the top of the Tower with my finger.

We got back on the bus and stopped at the Queen Victoria Building – a beautifully restored old building filled with shops on several levels.  We went there looking for a Starbucks to buy Toni & Tami Sydney coffee mugs. 

Then, we went to Sydney Cove – Jean Ann was on a mission to go to the Opal Museum (and buy an opal, of course, for her “birthday” (8/31).  After getting “sticker shock” on the prices, she finally settled on a “boulder stone” which has some opal in it.  It is a pendant.  

Our final stop was the Australian Museum, which was about 5 blocks from our hotel.  We went in for only about 45 minutes because we discovered some of the exhibits were up a BIG staircase and even Jean Ann was not adventureous enough to do it.

In all we spent about 6 hours touring the city.  Tonight, we went to an Australian steak house – they had absolutely GREAT food.  Sparky had salt n pepper prawns and ribs, Jean Ann had deep fried artichoke and a hamburger made with Wagyu, which is a mix of beef and Japanese cattle, similar to Kobe.



  1. Glad to see Professor Jean Ann working so hard! The Woollooloomo Bay sounds like they ripped off the Hawaiian names.

    Take care and be safe in your travels, you two!


  2. What an amazing adventure! Wow. I love the photos, the way you turn every challenge into an opportunity for fun.
    Katherine- Zonta Club of Corvallis

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