Posted by: jeanannfrench | September 22, 2009

Monday, September 21

Today was another day with Les.  We started out at 10am and had stopped for tea/coffee by 10:30 in south Sydney.  We headed towards Royal National Park – the scenery in the park is varied and spectacular with coastal cliffs, small creeks, beaches, plateaus, and over 700 species of flowering plants.  All I wanted to do was take pictures of the hundreds of cockatoos.

We came out of the national park and ended up on Bald Hill overlooking Stanwell Park and we could see the Sea Cliff Bridge in the distance.  There were hang gliders taking off from Bald Hill.  Our favorite part was having lunch at the bottom of the hill where Mom had her first Aussie pie!

Next stop was the Sea Cliff Bridge where Les let me off at one end and picked me up at the other end.  I walked the 1 km bridge with no problems.  The only thing that slowed me up was taking pictures.

On our way to Helensburg, we saw a Hindu temple and stopped for some photos.  Once in Helensburg, we found the church that Les pastored and the church he built some some rather difficult land.  We took our own sweet time all day long and didn’t back to town until 5:30.


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