Posted by: jeanannfrench | September 22, 2009

Tuesday, September 22

Today was wine country day.  Up and at ’em and on the bus at 7am!  Just a small group of 5 in a van and a very long ride to the north – the scenic route, you might say.  We made several stops to break up the ride and to learn more about the region.

Our first stop was at a Reptile Park – in fact, Les had given Sparky and I the option to stop here when we went to Woy Woy and Terrigal, but we opted out.  We did not go for a full visit, just tea and the animals pictured below.

Then a brief stop at the ‘convicts’ trail’, as most of you know that is the history of AU as a prison colony.  Many of their early roads and structures were built by convicts. Back on the bus and a stop for Jungle Juice, a brandy with a port base.  I liked it and got Mother’s share.  The most fascinating part of this stop was a calendar for sale, modeled after the “Calendar Girls” in England.  The women’s club that posed nearly naked for a fundraising calendar was made into a movie.  So, Zonta Ladies, what do think?!?

Finally we got down to drinking some wine at Brokenback.  They gave us lots of wine and NO food AND, once again, I usually got Mother’s share.  Mom only drinks Arbor Mist wines.  My oh my, was it ever windy in the wine country!  One would have thought we were in Okla.!  After the first round of wine tasting, our next stop was lunch with another wine tasting.  Lunch was really good and I’m sure that you have figured out by now that I almost always got Mom’s portion of wine.  Yea ME!

After lunch we had two more stops before heading back to Sydney via the motorway and NOT the scenic route, so we could sleep off our wine.  The other two stops were; 1) another wine tasting with cheeses and they were GREAT! 2) chocolate, but no wine, so what was the point?

By the time we got back to the hotel at 5ish, we were whipped puppies and had dinner in the room again because it’s easy and actually quite good.   And, Mom and I had to have our Two and a Half Men fix.



  1. That is such a cool picture of Mom with the Joey. It is great to see the pictures of where you have been. I’m sure Mom will have many stories to tell when she gets home.

    How are the wines? My favorite label from Australia is Black Opal.

    Jean you are doing an excellent job on your blog. I have enjoyed reading it.

    Love you,

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