Posted by: jeanannfrench | September 24, 2009

Thursday, September 24

We didn’t get to our room in Melbourne until 2am, so we didn’t get up until 8:30ish and couldn’t quite get ourselves out the door until 11ish.  We decided to go with the hop-on-hop-off shuttle, which is free.  It was a good idea on the front end, but very frustrating on the back end.  Oh yeah, it was raining quite hard as we prepared to leave the hotel, so we got a loaner umbrella from the hotel.

Our first stop was the Queen Victoria Market and it’s a major tourist attraction.  It is open 5 days a week (closed Monday & Wednesday) and believe it or not . . . they break down their stalls every day because the building is not secure.  Quite amazing!

We had the grand plan that we would get the shuttle to take us back where we started – stop #6, but they fooled us!  We ended up stuck at stop #1, which was about a $12 taxi ride from the hotel.  Not only that, but I was standing for the majority of the ride.  We will have a better plan tomorrow.

Stop #1 was the arts center and I wanted to see the Dali showing, so I parked Mother at a coffee shop and ran around for a little while.  Then we grabbed a taxi and rested at the hotel for about 90 minutes before heading over to Lygon street for dinner.  Lygon is famous for being the restaurant strip.  We chose a Lebanese place and ate very light.

Now is when I do my homework – the blog.


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