Posted by: jeanannfrench | September 29, 2009

Sunday, September 27

We’re off to Brisbane today, leaving cold and rainy Melbourne for sunshine, heat, and dry air in Queensland.  One of the things I learned about QLD while in the states of New South Wales (NSW & Sydney) and Victoria (Melbourne) is that QLD is the Texas of AU. 

Checking out, getting on the plane, and landing in Brisbane was uneventful.  Catching the airtrain to Central Brisbane to change trains to get to Ipswich, was not so easy. When purchasing the train tickets, I was informed that there was rail service on the track to Ipswich and that we would have to disembark at Kurinda (I don’t know where that is, I just know we were not going all the way to Ipswich) and take a bus into Ipswich, which would cause a 30 minute delay.  I called the Geoff, who was picking us up and changed it from Ipswich to Kurinda.

Geoff had his son Jake with him and the little 4 yo was taking a nap.  Mom got into the back seat with him and he woke up talking.  Geoff was totally amazed at how talkative his normally shy little guy was.  We were in the car for a total of  45 minutes and I’m not sure if Jake ever took a breath. Jake began just about every sentence with, “You know what . . .?”  When the guys left my apartment, Mom got a hug from Jake.

We took a little time to settle in to the apartment, but had to go out for groceries because I hadn’t been in the apartment for 16 days.  Mom’s planning on taking it a bit easy and just hanging out with me this week.


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