Posted by: jeanannfrench | September 29, 2009

Tuesday, September 29

Today was “take Mom to work day”, so I did.  I was able to introduce Mom to several people on campus.  We called Linda, Mary, and Karla on Skype, which pretty much wiped out our short morning.  We went to lunch around 1:30 and knew we weren’t coming back to the office.  After lunch Mom went cruising around the mall while I got my nails done.  Once again, we got out of the mall without buying anything.

We had a couple of stops planned on the way home.  Mom shops at Aldi’s in Okla.  I knew Aldi’s in Germany, but had not shopped them here.  We stopped and Mom compared prices and products.  The next stop was Big Dad’s – the meat pie shop.  We had steak and onion pies with gravy for supper with a couple of beers . . . we know how to live!



  1. Very cool, honey!



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