Posted by: jeanannfrench | October 3, 2009

Saturday, October 3

One more quiet day.  We had some grand plans for a while, but a late start and the threat of another dust storm kept us close to home.  Plus, we were promised a hot day and it was about 90 degrees F.

There was one more mall in Ipswich that Mom had not seen, so off we went.  We didn’t do too much damage, had lunch, and a gelato. 

Mom's favorite part of vacation - Shopping.

Mom's favorite part of vacation - Shopping.

As we were sitting on the bench (eating our ice cream) watching all the fat women walk by, Mom said – “We’re smaller than them.”  AU has issues with obesity just as the US.  I heard a news article on the radio discussing the possibility of an unhealthy tariff on advertising.  They already employ sin taxes on alcohol and smokes, but their focus was an advertising penalty for unhealthy foods.  Their strategy being that kids nor adults should not be brain washed with ads about sweet cereals and fat, hi-carb fast foods.  So, advertisers of such products would pay a much higher rate that would minimize their reach to the consumers.  Interesting . . .

Mom's second favorite part of vacation.

Mom's second favorite part of vacation.

We’re in for the evening and making final preparations to head into Brisbane tomorrow for our last day of touring and shopping.  Mom said she enjoyed today as much or more than if we had spent a day touring.



  1. The US is considering a “sin” tax targeted at products that contribute to obesity, also. A good idea I think. Great blog, honey. You have consistently done a great job.



  2. I have loved “taking” this trip with your mom! Thank you Jean Ann for the blog. I agree with Sparky, you have done a great job…

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