Posted by: jeanannfrench | October 6, 2009

Tuesday, October 6

I started the day with a consulting breakfast.  I got the contact through one of the Zontians in Ipswich.  I spoke with representatives from two organizations; Lifeline and Family Support Service.  I reviewed the Servant Leadership workshop highlights with them.

Next meeting was with Doug Fraser, USQ Director.  I brought a couple of CityU programs to his attention.  We broke for a tea with students.

Around lunch time, I called Sparky on Skype and he got Mom on her cell phone from the land line on speaker phone.  She was just leaving OKC with my sisters, Mary and Linda.  They picked Mom up at the OKC airport around 5:30ish and met Rachel & Jeremy (Mary’s daughter and new husband) for dinner.  Mom’s flights went well.

After a lunch at my desk, Geoff Slaughter came by and we spent the afternoon working on the grading system and strategies.



  1. Hi Jean Anne: This is a wonderful blog, and it’s great to see your mother participating in my favorite Hope to see you back here soon. We all had a fabulous time at the District 8 Conference. Travel safely home. -Js

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