Posted by: jeanannfrench | October 11, 2009

Saturday, October 10

I had a plan for getting to the Eumundi Markets, but I didn’t execute so good.  This time I spent more time in transit than I did at the event. I took a train and public bus. If I had had more time at this market, I probably would not be able to afford returning home.  I bought jewelry and clothes.  The market closed at 2 PM and I caught the 2:10 bus and got back to Brisbane by 4:30. 

I decided to go out with a bang all by myself in Brisbane.  I went back to a restaurant where Kylene and I tried to dined, but they were totally booked.  Then Mom and I popped in, but they weren’t serving the ‘bugs’ so they referred us to their sister bistro, Jellyfish.  I knew they had some croc on the menu and that was what I was after.  I really wasn’t thinking – when Mom and I were there on Sunday night, they weren’t so busy.  Well, duh, I was there on a Saturday night, like with Ky, and was told that I couldn’t get in until 9pm (90 minutes later).  I tried begging – like eating at the bar or something . . .  The manager saw me at the door and remembered me from Monday night with Mom.  He had me seated in 10 minutes and waited on me personally.  He talked me out of the croc because it was mixed in with other stuff.  The restaurant is Cha Cha Char, so their specialty is steak.

It’s rather lonely to travel alone, but I needed the time to myself as I mentally prepare to leave a place that has been very comfortable for me and very accepting, as well.  I spent the travel time drinking in the atmosphere of the country.



  1. bittersweet? getting to come home but having to leave…. Safe travels dear girl.

  2. […] Also, I did not ‘do’ the Sunshine Coast justice in 2009 and I had only 1 hour at the Eumundi Markets, so I’m taking Sparky there to […]

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