Posted by: jeanannfrench | October 11, 2009

Thursday, October 8

Today was class day – again.  The most important part about class today was that the students had to create blogs.  i think that they had fun with it and I learned a few new tricks.

Right after class I was off and running to catch the train for Brisbane, as I had a Zonta fundraiser to attend.  The Brisbane Breakfast Club held a movie night, but more importantly it was a premier for Julie and Julia.  The Club reserved the 200 seat theatre and sold out at $20 per person.  The $20 got a seat and a drink ticket for a glass of champagne.  The Club made $8 per ticket.  They raised another $645 by selling raffle tickets . . . AND, I won the big prize.  It was a basket of gourmet cooking items and sauces.

I spent the night at a Best Western in Brisbane – the same one where Mom and I stayed.  Not such a great place and the Internet doesn’t work more often than it does, but the price is right and I earn BW points.



  1. Of course you won the prize…your “karma” just works that way. You went out of your way to connect and help, as you always do…Wonderful stories of all your adventures.

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