Posted by: jeanannfrench | October 12, 2009

Monday, October 12

A  lazy morning for me, as I took my time to pack.  I didn’t get on the road to Mt. Tamborine until 1 pm and took the scenic route getting here.  This area is so great!  I’m staying at a B&B owned by one of the Zonta ladies.  Here’s the link to the B&B:

I’m speaking to the Mt. Tamborine Zonta Club at tomorrow night’s dinner meeting.  I’m going on some tours tomorrow, so I didn’t do much this evening other than settle in.  My room faces west, to the mountains and you can see the terrific sunset.



  1. nice digs jean ann! beautiful sunsets

  2. […] Bemi had been to Mt. Tamborine a year ago and I stayed on Mt. Tamborine in 2009 when I spoke to a Zonta Club.  We were trying to figure out where we were on the local map when we spied The Polish Place.  […]

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