Posted by: jeanannfrench | October 17, 2009

Saturday, October 17

I did what I said I would do . . . I started packing.  It’s too early to tell, but I’m hoping that I can come home with only 2 checked bags.  I sent quite a bit home with Sparky and I’m leaving some things here for my return.

I ran errands this afternoon and took a few shots of the mall.  If you’re not interested in marketing and corporate alliances, you will want to skip the rest of the blog.  I find these things interesting and did a bit of research to explain who’s who down under. 

From the outset I was fascinated by one of the larger grocers – Woolworths because many of you will remember the name as a 5 & dime store popular in the ’50’s.  Woolworths is huge and has many subsidiaries.  Notice the Safeway logo below.  Here’s a link to an interesting article about their logo and the Apple Computer dispute: Apple, Woolworths in Australian trademark dispute, media in

Since starting out nearly a century ago, Woolworths has changed the face of Australian retailing.  Beginning as a single basement store in Sydney, Woolworths now has a shopping centre in almost every metropolitan and regional centre of Australia. Every day, we offer fresh, superior quality fresh food to millions of our customers nationwide.

 Our supermarkets are part of the wider Woolworths Limited Group – which is the second largest private employer in Australia, and we have more than 320,000 shareholders.

Woolies’ is SO much more than a grocery store . . .

Woolworths Safeway BIG W Dick Smith Electronics Power House Tandy
Caltex Woolworths Caltex Safeway Woolworths Liquor Safeway Liquor Woolworths homeshop Safeway homeshop BWS
Dan Murphy ALH Group Everyday Money Everyday Rewards

Woolworths to enter hardware sector

About Gloria Jean’s Coffee:  The Australian journey began in 1995 when co-founders Nabi Saleh & Peter Irvine brought the Gloria Jean’s coffees brand to AU from the US, with the aim of providing Australians with high quality specialty coffee.  Now in 2008, Gloria Jean’s Coffees has now opened over 900 stores and signed 36 Master Franchise Agreements across 35 countries worldwide and there are over 470 stores located in AU.  Today, Gloria Jean’s Coffees serves more than 7M coffees per month in AU, with over 102M guests visiting each year to enjoy their favorite beverage.



  1. Excellent blog, honey!



  2. Hi Jean…..looks like you are on the home stretch. You are leaving big shoes to fill! I’ve loved viewing all the pictures of such fun places and look forward to seeing them myself next Spring.


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