Posted by: jeanannfrench | October 20, 2009

Tuesday, October 20

Today was a busy day.  I had to be on campus early for car purposes.  Then I knew that the 10:30 tea was a farewell tea for me.  I received a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine, and a USQ pen and key chain.  Plus a lovely thank you from the Director Doug Fraser.  I gave a gift to Doug and also Debbie Maunder for all her help.  Oh yeah, I got a bit weeping when I was saying nice things to the group.  My laptop was out with a slide show of pictures that were USQ related.  And I had CityU pens and my cards for those that wanted them.

I met John Cole for a quick lunch at the student cafe.  We talked about future possibilities for intensive courses.  I spent the rest of the day either emailing home about Zonta auction issues or trying to wrap up work on the BASB documentation.

I printed out the recipes for Mom’s Pumpkin Pie and the Sauerkraut Casserole that we shared for the Oktober-feast.  I’ll make them available to my students and staff that are interested.



  1. Great memories, honey. You deserve it!



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