Posted by: jeanannfrench | October 23, 2009

Friday, October 23

The biggest item on the calendar today was my lunch with Neville ‘Nev’ Smith.  I had lunch with Nev in August and we wanated to catch up with each other before I left.  Nev is the ‘education’ arm of the Springfield development.  Maha Sinnathamby, the developer, is an engineer, so he has experts in their area to develope such things as Education City and soon to come, the medical center.  Nev put together a school system in 2002 for 3,000 students over 13 grades at a cost of $41M AU.  He has a couple deals working now and I hope that he can work on getting a World College, like Lester B. Pearson in Victoria, BC, here in AU.  They have World College offices for sending students around the world, but no facility.

Nev and I had a great lunch and plan to stay in touch.

This evening I’m doing laundry and more packing.  I spoke with the complex manager today and he’ll ‘check me out’ on Friday morning the 29th and help me load my luggage and storage tubs.  I made arrangements today for a hotel near the airport on Friday night next week.


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