Posted by: jeanannfrench | October 25, 2009

Sunday, October 25

I got a lot done today.  I met Phyllis and Nancy at campus and wePA240014 took off for the suburbs of Brisbane.  Mom knows the clothing store that I like and I found out where they move all the sale items.  I had to make the trek and it was worth it because the 40-70% off clothes were reduced by an additional 25%, which made them affordable.  Here’s the bad/good news . . .  I’ll be able to order online at  Mary and Linda, I’m sure you’re going to love these clothes!

PA240004 (2)We also made a stop at a friends’ house that had the most spectacular garden in the backyard.  We got back to campus around 2:30 and I spent the next 4 hours finishing the documentation on one of the classes, which felt REAL good.

I told Sparky tonight that it is starting to get harder and harder to maintain my cool.  In the last two days I’ve gotten a bit weepy when I get down to the last 2 km before the house.  I keep thinking that I won’t be driving down this road next week and it makes me sad.  Tonight while I was on the phone with Sparky, it hit me that I won’t be here to watch Australian Idol next Sunday . . .  I do want to come home and I’m ready, but there is something here that tugs at my heart.



  1. I think I can understand your emotions on leaving, honey. You have been widely accepted and warmly welcomed. That would be hard for anyone to leave. On the positive side, you know there are a lot of people, including ME, that are very anxious for you to come home.



  2. I am glad you have enjoyed this experience. What a tremendous opportunity to have. It will be something you will always remember. We are very proud of you and look forward to seeing you when you return home. Travel safely.

  3. What an incredible experience this has been! I have read your blog daily…enjoying the experience through you photos and stories. You are developing friendships and relationships all over the world. How cool is that!! 🙂

  4. Time flies when you are having fun. I echo Tami’s comments. I wish I could have had an opportunity like this to live in a different community. You get to see and do things you could never do when visiting. Enjoy every last minute. It is the experience of a lifetime!

  5. […] next to Ashgrove.  I had been there in 2009 with some USQ staff.  Here’s the link to the 2009 blog day.  This cafe is SO cute and it’s a truly old fashion cafe where they make their food.  The […]

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