Posted by: jeanannfrench | October 27, 2009

Tuesday, October 27

The day started out in a traffic jam.  There was a petrol truck accident on Warrego Hwy and they had to close the highway to clean up the spill.  I was riding with Lynette to a pick up point on Warrego Hwy, but the Uni van was so bogged down in detours that we simply went straight on to Toowoomba.  I got set up in an office and got to work.

I was in Toowoomba for two reasons:

Dean Alan Layton & Geoff Slaughter with me at the Toowoomba campus.

Dean Alan Layton & Geoff Slaughter.

1) to meet with Marie K., Geoff S., and a Toowoomba faculty member to present an initial proposal for a Sustainable Business Professional Accreditation program.  The concept has been rattling around in my brain for a month or so, but I had to put it into a PowerPt. presentation for my 5 minute window of opportunity.  I had a 25 minute lunch with Geoff S. and Marie, Geoff, and I spent about 30 minutes mapping out some strategies for presenting the program.  John Cole is interested in creating intensive courses and the accreditation program.

2) to attend the 3:30 staff get-together, so I could present Dean Alan Layton with a gift from CityU.

We were not able to meet with anyone before the


Marie & Geoff in the back.

3:30 event, so I did a 5 minute present and handoff of materials to The Dean  at the staff social and then gave him the gift.  This could be my ticket to return to AU some day.

I got a ride back to Springfield from Marie and had some nice visiting time.  I hope to finish packing my second check bag tonight.  Oh yeah, I only cried once today when Geoff laid out the plan for what time he would take me in to Brisbane on Friday – right after my farewell lunch and I’ve said all my good-byes . . . that’s what set me off.



  1. I checked earlier this morning and the pictures were not loaded. I didn’t think you would still be up (BUT I should have known better LOL). Good blog and pictures.



  2. Jean…….looks like you are headed home. Loved all the pictures and what a nice group of people you worked with. Loved the shot of Dean Layton enjoying his wine!


  3. It’s hard to say good-bye. They have all treated you so very nice. I know they hate to see you go too. But we will all be glad when you get back to the States..Love you , Mom

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