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Wednesday, October 28

This morning I made a few rounds to give a few gifts to those who have been so supportive.  Sparky brought some Seattle mouse pads and magnets for thank you gifts to Sydney – very packable and very appreciated.  Sparky, just so you know, there are a LOT of people who want to visit Seattle!  I also dropped by to a morning tea.

l-r: Doug, Brenda, support staff, Noel Brown, Bus. Mgr., Dr. David Thorpe, Engineering Dept. Chair, and Debbie.Lunch was a farewell event with the Director, Doug Fraser, which was arranged by Debbie Maunder, his Exec. Assist. Brenda, Noel, & David came along.

I got serious in the afternoon and knocked out 3 of 5 modules of documentation for the 2nd class.  I’ll finish the other two modules tomorrow.  Classes tomorrow will not take the full 3 hours, but there are papers to grade.

Here’s the final article that is available via USQ and has been put out to the local media:

American academic says goodbye to Springfield

It is with much sadness visiting academic Jean Ann French will say goodbye to Springfield and the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) when she flies home to America this week.

 Ms French is the first academic to teach at the University as part of the partnership between USQ and the Seattle-based City University.

 Based at USQ Springfield campus for three months, Ms French lectured business communications courses in the Faculty of Business’ Bachelor of Accounting and Sustainable Business program for undergraduate students.

 Ms French said she will take home as much from the experience as she hopes she brought to the USQ students.french0709_cl_004

 “The great things about teaching here in Australia have been the cultural exchanges we have had and the gracious and hospitable staff and faculty,” she said.

 “My style of teaching is more of an intellectual exchange than simply lecturing ‘at’ students, so there were many times when we found ourselves at the end of communication ‘cultural’ block.

 “We were discussing cost/benefits analysis in one particular class and I was using an example of purchasing biscuits as opposed to homemade – but found myself looking at some very puzzled faces when I talked about purchasing ready made biscuits in cans.

 “It soon became clear that biscuits in the U.S.A. and biscuits in Australia were not the same thing.

 “Another example was talking about purchasing pumpkin in cans for pumpkin pie which you apparently you can’t do here either.

 “This discussion did make for a great ending to my time in Australia though, as I turned some of my mother’s famous pumpkin pie into tartlets for my students and left them the recipe for Halloween.

 “This way a small piece of me can stay behind in Australia.”

 Ms French said her students had given her some great feedback about her time in Springfield.

 “One of my students works in construction and his father is his supervisor. After showing his father the case study he had written on managing work related stress, his father thought the paper was so ‘spot on’ he took it to management for discussion. That is a great validation for both the student and me.

  “My time here has truly been one of the great adventures of my life.”

 USQ Springfield Director Doug Fraser said the students had benefited enormously from Ms French’s input to their studies.

 “The students have had the unique opportunity to learn from an overseas expert through a four-year collaboration between the two universities,” he said.

 “USQ students who have satisfactorily completed the Bachelor of Accounting and Sustainable Business degree will have the option of applying to gain an integrated credit guarantee towards the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from City University, thereby received “dual degrees” from their students at USQ.

 “We thank Ms French for taking sixteen weeks out of her life, leaving friends and family behind to share her expertise with us.”

 Media Contact:  Jo-Ann Sparrow, USQ Media, +61 7 3470 4119 or 0438 309 096



  1. That is wonderful and well deserved. Congratulations, honey!!!



  2. I can’t believe your time is up. I’ve loved reading your blog and seeing all of the wonderful pictures!

  3. I am very proud of you! What an experience of a lifetime! We will be glad to see you at home but are so happy you got this experience.

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