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Saturday, October 24

I started the day by going to campus to work on the classroom documentation.  Before I left the apartment I had a call from Debbie Maunder confirming our getting together today.  She wanted to pick me up from campus at 1:30, so we had a deal.

I got a nice amount of work accomplished by 1:30.  Debbie was picking me up to go to her home and meet her family.  AND the most important part . . .

We were having “shrimp on the Barbee!”

Debbie and her husband, Rod, have a beautiful home an an acre.  The home is built to bring the outside in or at least easy to live outside.  They have one daughter, Kim, who is a stellar student in music.  I got home sometime after 9 pm.  Here are some shots from the evening.


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Friday, October 23

The biggest item on the calendar today was my lunch with Neville ‘Nev’ Smith.  I had lunch with Nev in August and we wanated to catch up with each other before I left.  Nev is the ‘education’ arm of the Springfield development.  Maha Sinnathamby, the developer, is an engineer, so he has experts in their area to develope such things as Education City and soon to come, the medical center.  Nev put together a school system in 2002 for 3,000 students over 13 grades at a cost of $41M AU.  He has a couple deals working now and I hope that he can work on getting a World College, like Lester B. Pearson in Victoria, BC, here in AU.  They have World College offices for sending students around the world, but no facility.

Nev and I had a great lunch and plan to stay in touch.

This evening I’m doing laundry and more packing.  I spoke with the complex manager today and he’ll ‘check me out’ on Friday morning the 29th and help me load my luggage and storage tubs.  I made arrangements today for a hotel near the airport on Friday night next week.

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Thursday, October 22

This morning started early enough with phone calls from Sparky about getting the last few things in for the auction.  Looks like I/we broke $24,000.  We, being Sparky and I because Sparky was a real champ tracking down those last minute items.

Today was class day, again, and what a special day!  I really got a rush from one of my students.  Here’s the story . . .

The students are writing a case study and the topic has to be about communication, but their choice from a wide range of categories.  Most of the students have a job outside of class, so they have been able to relate to the application of the coursework.  One of the young men shared his topic with me today – “Managing Stress in the Workplace.”   He works at construction with his dad who is a supervisor.  As part of the writing process, the student asked the dad to read the paper.  The dad was so impressed with his son’s perceptions and recommendations that he wants to take the paper to management.

I am so jazzed to see a student make a direct application of the studies.  I reckon this is what teaching is all about.

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Wednesday, October 21

Today was a busy day, as every day from now until 10/31 will be.  Other than cranking on writing up the documentation for the classes into modules, the focus of the day was taping a half hour segment for Brisbane TV.

The taping today was different from the one done 6 weeks ago because that one was about 6 minutes or 1/3 of a 30 minute program from me.  Today’s segment was a full 30 minutes with John Cole, me and the talk show host, Ashley.  I will get a DVD (raw) of today’s show and a full finished product from the earlier segment on DVD, as well, next week.  I think I have to upload to YouTube before I can upload to WordPress.  We’ll see . . .

Today’s topic was Sustainable Business and Corporate Social Responsibility – are they one in the same or how are they different?  The taping finished at 11:30 and then I had an interview from a USQ reporter at 2 PM.  There was an article that I interviewed for the first week that didn’t get published until 3rd week of September.  This one will publish next week as a recap to my experience here.

I was suppose to attend a cocktail party, but it was cancelled, so I put the time to good use and got more documentation accomplished.

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Tuesday, October 20

Today was a busy day.  I had to be on campus early for car purposes.  Then I knew that the 10:30 tea was a farewell tea for me.  I received a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine, and a USQ pen and key chain.  Plus a lovely thank you from the Director Doug Fraser.  I gave a gift to Doug and also Debbie Maunder for all her help.  Oh yeah, I got a bit weeping when I was saying nice things to the group.  My laptop was out with a slide show of pictures that were USQ related.  And I had CityU pens and my cards for those that wanted them.

I met John Cole for a quick lunch at the student cafe.  We talked about future possibilities for intensive courses.  I spent the rest of the day either emailing home about Zonta auction issues or trying to wrap up work on the BASB documentation.

I printed out the recipes for Mom’s Pumpkin Pie and the Sauerkraut Casserole that we shared for the Oktober-feast.  I’ll make them available to my students and staff that are interested.

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Monday, October 19

A very regular day . . . posting grades, winding up Zonta auction items via email with Sparky, booking appointments, sending emails, etc.  I had dinner tonight with a colleague from USQ, Lynette.  I finally met her partner, Allen.  She is South African and he is an Aussie that coaches field hockey.  She’s a vegetarian, but the good news is Allen is NOT and he served me a great piece of bloody red beef!

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Sunday, October 18

I didn’t pack too much today, instead I began shuffling, perging, and organizing for packing.  I’m in pretty good shape.

What I did do is something I’ve wanted to do since I arrived . . . I went out to the Woodlands at Marburg for their Oktoberfest.

Overlooking the picturesque Marburg Valley just 15mins from Ipswich, the heritage-listed two storey plantation-style mansion is nestled amongst 250 acres of sweeping grounds and rolling hills.

Built in 1890, yet only open to the public for the first time in 2002 following extensive renovations and restorations, Woodlands of Marburg is a plantation-style estate which belies an intriguing past.  During the last century, the property has developed a diverse and significant local history with unique characteristics from each period including a Grotto (open-aired chapel) and a small cemetery from its days as a seminary in World War II.

 On my way home I stopped at Warrego Winery, but didn’t stay for a tasting.  However, the better show was the male peacock.


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Saturday, October 17

I did what I said I would do . . . I started packing.  It’s too early to tell, but I’m hoping that I can come home with only 2 checked bags.  I sent quite a bit home with Sparky and I’m leaving some things here for my return.

I ran errands this afternoon and took a few shots of the mall.  If you’re not interested in marketing and corporate alliances, you will want to skip the rest of the blog.  I find these things interesting and did a bit of research to explain who’s who down under. 

From the outset I was fascinated by one of the larger grocers – Woolworths because many of you will remember the name as a 5 & dime store popular in the ’50’s.  Woolworths is huge and has many subsidiaries.  Notice the Safeway logo below.  Here’s a link to an interesting article about their logo and the Apple Computer dispute: Apple, Woolworths in Australian trademark dispute, media in

Since starting out nearly a century ago, Woolworths has changed the face of Australian retailing.  Beginning as a single basement store in Sydney, Woolworths now has a shopping centre in almost every metropolitan and regional centre of Australia. Every day, we offer fresh, superior quality fresh food to millions of our customers nationwide.

 Our supermarkets are part of the wider Woolworths Limited Group – which is the second largest private employer in Australia, and we have more than 320,000 shareholders.

Woolies’ is SO much more than a grocery store . . .

Woolworths Safeway BIG W Dick Smith Electronics Power House Tandy
Caltex Woolworths Caltex Safeway Woolworths Liquor Safeway Liquor Woolworths homeshop Safeway homeshop BWS
Dan Murphy ALH Group Everyday Money Everyday Rewards

Woolworths to enter hardware sector

About Gloria Jean’s Coffee:  The Australian journey began in 1995 when co-founders Nabi Saleh & Peter Irvine brought the Gloria Jean’s coffees brand to AU from the US, with the aim of providing Australians with high quality specialty coffee.  Now in 2008, Gloria Jean’s Coffees has now opened over 900 stores and signed 36 Master Franchise Agreements across 35 countries worldwide and there are over 470 stores located in AU.  Today, Gloria Jean’s Coffees serves more than 7M coffees per month in AU, with over 102M guests visiting each year to enjoy their favorite beverage.

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Friday, October 16

16 days and counting . . . and it’s getting tough.  I want to come home, but I don’t want to leave.  With the auction and media party looming large at home, I’m being drawn into the fray of activity, and that’s a good thing.  I’m starting the disconnect process here.  I’ll start packing on Saturday and I won’t buy any more groceries.  I have quite a few lunches, cocktail parties, and dinners to attend on my way out.

I need to write up the details of the coursework and create a proposal for a couple programs that may have some promise for USQ.  There will be a going away luncheon for me on 10/30 and I plan to spend that night in Brisbane near the airport for my flight out on 10/31.

It helps to make to do lists, schedules, and plans so that I don’t fret and pretty much sleep walk through the final days.  I’ve already started with the not sleeping so good routine.  It happened for about 2 weeks before I left the US, so I know what to expect.

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Thursday, October 15

At the race days in Toowoomba August 29, I met Mary Wagner and learned about her family’s manufacturing facilities.  She is also a Zontian and has been for 2 years.  One thing led to another and I asked for a tour of the plant and then made arrangements to bring the students on a field trip and include Geoff Slaughter.

Instead of having a regular class today, I got one of the vans and the class headed out for Toowoomba at 9ish.  We were off to have a tour of  Wagners.PA140006

Here’s a description of the company:

Established in 1989, Wagners is a family owned business with company headquarters located in Toowoomba, Queensland. Initially establishing three trading divisions – Wagners Concrete, Wagners Quarries and Wagners Transport, the company now incorporates Wagners Concrete Pumping, Wagners Composite Fibre Technologies, Wagners Pre-Cast Concrete, Wagners Steel Reinforcing, Wagners Projects and Wagners Global Services.Wagners Global Services manages projects throughout New Caledonia, Russia and Indonesia from the company’s global headquarters located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Noel Larkin, GM Sales & Operations, gave a 45 minute overview of the company & its carbon fiber, resin product.

 In 2009, Wagners employs more than 1100 staff globally.  The Wagner Group of Companies is a Third Party Quality Endorsed Company, accredited by SAI Global and complying with the ISO 9001:2000 Quality management systems.

Noel Larkin, GM Sales & Operations, gave a 45 minute overview of the company & its carbon fiber, resin product.

Independently, each division of Wagners offer the quality assured specialized products and services required by our national and international customers. These products and services include premixed concrete, mobile concrete batching plants, pre-cast concrete products, concrete pumping, reinforcing steel products, contract crushing, quarry materials, civil works, project management services, bulk haulage transport, and composite products.

(L-R) Jean Ann, Mary, Geoff, & Noel.

(L-R) Jean Ann, Mary, Geoff, & Noel.

After the discussion and tour, we headed to USQ main campus for a quick lunch with Geoff.  The students had not been to the main Uni before.  Geoff and I talked about my last two weeks, what needs to be accomplished, meetings that need to be held, and my last days on campus plus transporation to the airport.  You see, I’m really coming home soon!

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